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What is the Uxbridge Youth Centre?

The Uxbridge Youth Centre (UYC) is a drop-in centre for youth ages 11 and up. We provide a safe and supervised space for kids to hang out in after school.

We offer a free drop-in space and free weekly programs/workshops for youth.

What is a drop-in centre?

A drop-in centre is a space where visitors can drop by to hang out for a while. Our drop-in is very informal, meaning you don’t need to book a time or stay for a certain amount of time – you can stay for 5 minutes or 5 hours! For more information on our drop-in, check out our drop-in page.

Our drop-in is different from our scheduled programming. Regardless of the programs we plan, drop-in is always available during our open hours!

What is the age range?

We currently accept new registrations from youth between the ages of 11 and 19. 

If a member is especially well-behaved during their time at the UYC, they will be invited to volunteer at the centre once they reach our age limit. 

How do programs work?

We run programs every week in order to keep our visitors entertained. This includes programs such as arts & crafts workshops, sports days, movie nights, game tournaments, and more. 

Our visitors can participate in most of our programs without registering ahead of time. For example, during our movie nights they can drop by and enjoy the show. However, programs may require registration if space our resources are limited – this includes our D&D/Starfinder programs, paint nights, bowling, and others. 

Drop-in will typically be available regardless of which programs are running each day. If a visitor doesn’t want to participate in a paint night, they can continue another activity in the UYC. The only exceptions are when we need to temporarily close the UYC to run programs elsewhere, such as during our bowling nights or sports days. 

Are visitors obligated to participate in programs?


Youth are never required to participate in programming. If they want to utilize our drop-in space while programs are running, that’s perfectly fine!

Drop-in will usually be available during our programs. The only exception to this rule would be when we need to temporarily close the UYC to run programs elsewhere. For example, during our sports programs we will close the centre for 1-2 hours to play in the green space/baseball diamond. 

Are there any costs?

Everything at the UYC is absolutely free for youth. 

The only thing required before enjoying drop-in or participating in programming is the completion of a quick registration form!

Are there rules?


In order to maintain a safe and supervised space, visitors are required to abide by several rules. 

The Uxbridge Youth Centre is here for your enjoyment. However, in order to ensure that everybody
enjoys their time here, all members must agree to the following rules:

  • Be Respectful: Please respect all others and all property in the centre. Violation of centre
    regulations demonstrates a lack of respect for the Uxbridge Youth Centre, and members found
    doing so are subject to having their membership temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • Please refrain from using racist, sexist or any other prejudiced language.
  • Use all centre equipment in the manner it was intended to be used. Anyone found damaging
    centre equipment will have their membership revoked until the member pays for repairing the
    damaged equipment.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and outside the building. Please respect both the Seniors
    Centre and public sidewalk space.
  • Anyone found under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in the Uxbridge Youth Centre,
    including all satellite events and trips, will immediately be asked to leave.
  • Members of the UYC are to refrain from loitering in the Uxbridge Seniors Centre hallway.
    Hallway access is intended for accessing the shared washrooms. Please treat shared youth and
    senior space with respect.

Visitors must agree to follow all rules and regulations of the Uxbridge Youth
Centre. It is important that they understand that membership is a privilege, and violation of UYC rules may result in temporary
or permanent removal of UYC membership.

What about allergies?

Unfortunately we are unable to promise a 100% allergy friendly space. Since our visitors are free to come and go as they please, we are unable to regulate what they come into contact with before using our space. 

However, we do our very best to keep surfaces and items clean by regularly wiping down everything before and after drop-in hours. 

Can you make sure my child stays there if I drop them off?

No, we can not keep any youth inside the centre if they wish to leave. The UYC will always be supervised in order to make sure visitors abide by our rules. However, our drop-in space and programming are both completely optional. If a visitor wishes to leave at any point, they will be free to do so. 

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