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Rocket League

Welcome to Game Night Online!

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Game Invite Code:

Part 1: Add Us As A Rocket League Friend

  • Note: This step is optional, but adding us as a friend means we can invite you back to the game if we lose our connection!
  • Start Rocket League
  • Go into your friends list (Press RT/R2). See the bottom right of the screen
  • Click “Add Friend” (X on Xbox, Square on PS4, Y on Switch)
  • Type in “UYCStaff”
  • Now you can be invited to our party!

Part 2: Join Our Private Game

  • Click “Play”
  • Select “Custom Games”
  • Select “Private Match”
  • Select “Join Private Match”
  • Type in the following details:
    • Name: UYC
    • Password: goal
  • If you want to join in on our voice chat while we play, head on over to our Discord server…

Discord Game Chat:

When you first enter the Discord Server you will have the “Newcomer” status. Just message an Admin or Moderator about becoming a member and then you can join the members-only voice chat!


**Discord is an OPTIONAL free online voice chat program that may be used by players during our game nights. Players are not required to use Discord. Please use at your own discretion/risk as content may not be filtered.**


Where Can I Play This Game?

Console: Xbox (Free), Playstation (Free), Switch (Free)

PC: Epic Game Store (Free)

How Do I Play?

A game invitation link will be posted on this event page shortly before the game begins. Check out the “Join Our Game” section above.


Rocket League: Compete in the high-octane hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem! The field is waiting. Take your shot!

The event is finished.


Dec 02 2020


Games may vary in length!
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Game Invite Link

Check Under "Join Our Game"




Uxbridge Youth Centre
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