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Thank you for your interest in supporting the UYC!

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring a colourful array of interests and expertise to the UYC. Though every individual is unique, our volunteers choose to become a part of the Uxbridge Youth Centre for many of the same reasons:

  • Our volunteers have a passion for engaging youth and enhancing the well-being of young people in our community
  • Our volunteers want to help shape future leaders in our community
  • Our volunteers have knowledge, experience and skills they want to share with others
  • Our volunteers are team players who are looking for an enjoyable way to give back to the community
  • Our volunteers want an experience that is tailored to their own personal interests and lifestyle

Volunteer Opportunities

Drop-In Support

Register as a volunteer to provide a helping hand during our drop-in hours!

Our drop-in hours run from Monday to Friday, 3-8pm. During our drop-in hours, youth can typically be found crafting DIY projects, making after-school snacks, playing sports outside, watching some TV, hanging out with friends, or a variety of other activities. Volunteering during drop-in hours means helping out whenever it's needed - whether that's mixing up some paints during an art project or being an extra bit of support during exam time.

Run A Program

Run one of our weekly programs or develop a program of your very own!

Every week we run a variety of programs for local youth, ranging from art workshops to cooking classes. As a volunteer, you can be that extra set of hands during our regularly scheduled programs or you can create a program of your very own! Creating your own program is a great way to help out youth explore new hobbies, whether that's teaching a few chords on guitar or being the one to explain what crochet actually means.

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