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Let the hunt begin! Join us every other week for our photo-based scavenger hunt – Click A Pic. A photo-based scavenger hunt is a fun exploration game for all ages! During the scavenger hunt, participants aim to take pictures of all the items on their scavenger list to complete the challenge. You’ll be having fun and staying active as you check items off your list! We’ll be posting new scavenger hunt lists every other Wednesday to keep you searching for some great pics!

If you’re especially proud of some of your scavenger hunt pictures, send them in to us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com and we’ll feature them on this page to show the world!


Check Out The Project!

Look under the "This Weeks Project" heading to find our newest Click-A-Pic activity! Every Click-A-Pic activity is a scavenger hunt that you complete by taking pictures. Try to take pictures of every item on each checklist to complete our Click-A-Pic challenge!

Snap Some Pics!

The goal of Click-A-Pic is to take awesome pictures as you complete a scavenger hunt! Every time you take a picture of an item on the Click-A-Pic checklist, put a checkmark in the box beside the item. By the time you check off all the items, you'll have an awesome collection of pictures to share!

Send Them In!

If you're especially proud of some of your scavenger hunt pictures, send them in to us!

Tip: If you can’t find a certain item, try making it yourself! Some items can be found nearby, but showing off your DIY project is just as fun!

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For this weeks edition of Click A Pic, we’ll be searching for all of the Fall themed items around town. Grab your camera and see if you can finish our festive scavenger hunt!

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Check out the Click-A-Pic scavenger hunt from previous weeks!

Have Fun Item Suggestions?

Do you have some fun items in mind for our next scavenger hunt? Let us know in the form below!

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