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Welcome to the UYC’s biweekly roll & draw art challenge – Dicey Art! 

Are you in need of some inspiration for your next art project? Grab some dice and let luck decide what your next art subject will be! Every other week we’ll be posting a new Dicey Art table so you can explore some wacky combinations as you create your next masterpiece. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’re bound to have some fun creating these wacky drawings!

Check out our Dicey Art table below and start creating something awesome!


Check Out The Project!

Look under the "This Weeks Project" heading to find our newest drawing prompt! Every Dicey Art drawing challenge is designed to give you something completely random to draw - it could be a character, creature, comic, or a special drawing challenge!

Tip: D10 means use 10 sided dice. Don’t have dice at home? Try Googles Dice Roller!

Roll The Dice!

Every drawing prompt will have a few lists of different words. To decide which words you'll be drawing today, we're going to be rolling dice. The type of dice you roll will depend on the number of words in each list (Ex. Roll a D6 for six words, D10 for 10 words, D20 for 20 words, etc). Match the results on your dice to a word in each list to begin the challenge!

Draw Your Masterpiece!

After you let the dice decide what items from the Dicey Art lists you will be drawing, you can get started on your masterpiece!

For example, if you roll a 5, 6 & 8 on our Scenarios 1 table, your challenge is to draw an evil (5) bunny (6) finding treasure (8)!

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Create some pixelated art with this weeks Minecraft themed Dicey Art activity! Roll three D10s (10 sided dice) on the chart below to determine what you will draw for your Dicey Art challenge this week!

Optional Challenge Variant: For an extra challenge, try completing the challenge without using a pen/pencil or paint. Maybe you could create your masterpiece with felt or paper cut outs, string silhouettes, on the computer with MS Paint, or something entirely unique!

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Check out the Dicey Art projects from previous weeks!

Have Fun Word Suggestions?

Do you have some fun words in mind for our next challenge? Let us know in the form below!

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