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Join us online and start enjoying your favorite video games with your friends at the UYC! For Game Night Online we will be running video game sessions online. Check out our game schedule and register below to receive reminders for upcoming games and game invite codes. Once you have registered for Game Night Online, come back to this page on game day to grab a spot in-game!

Game Night Online will be alternating with Tabletop Day Online, which means that we’ll have games for you to play every other Wednesday!


1. Claim A Seat!

Claim a spot in our online game by completing the registration form at the bottom of this page! Tell us what game night you want to join so we can send you updates or reminders for that game session.

Each game will be 'first come, first served' - so sign up early. Priority will be given to early registrations, but we will try to accommodate everyone!

2. Check Out The Details!

Make sure you visit our game event page to confirm all the details (click the game name under "Upcoming Game Nights!"). You will be able to see what game we're playing, when we're playing it, what online service we'll use, and more!

We may change the scheduled game to accommodate the player count!

3. Join Us On Game Night!

Make sure you visit this page on game night for updates and game invite codes! We will post a link or invite code on the game event page.

All games will be played online by using third-party services and some games will require free registration on those services (Ex. Steam, Epic Game Store, Roblox, etc).


Check out some of our favorite games! These are a few examples of what will be scheduled in the near future. Let us know your game suggestions!


Claim a spot in our online arena by filling out the form below!

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Let us know what's on your mind! Favorite games? Best time to play? Something else? Let us know!