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Are you ready to try something new?! Every Friday we’ll be posting some of our favorite activities that you can enjoy from home. There will be a huge variety of things for you to try, including new arts & crafts ideas, experiments, games, activities from around the web, and much more! Keep checking back and you’ll never run out of fun things to do. So if you’ve got some spare time on your hands then try this at home!

Please note that many of the activities posted for our Try This At Home program will be on external/third-party websites, apps and services. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies or practices of any third party sites or services. 


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Look under the "This Weeks Project" heading to find our newest activity! Every Try This At Home post will suggest a new and fun activity that you can try out at home!

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There will be a huge variety of activities for you to try every week. Each activity will require something different - sometimes you'll need arts & crafts supplies and other times you may only require a computer. It's always different!

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If you already have all the supplies you need then all you need to do is start!

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For this weeks Try This At Home activity, we’re having a look at a new type of puzzle: an Escape Room! Escape Rooms are thematic experiences where your goal is to escape a room by solving puzzles and finding clues. As you explore the room you’re in, you’ll uncover all sorts of items that you can interact with in an effort to unlock the final door of the room and escape. While Escape Rooms are normally paid experiences that you enjoy in-person, there are several free Escape Rooms available online that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together a list of our favorite free Escape Rooms that you can try online. Whether this is your first time experiencing an Escape Room or you’re warming up for your return to a physical escape room, you’re bound to have a bunch of fun with these online challenges!

Minecraft Escape Room

In true Minecraft form, this Escape Room kicks off with a Creeper encounter. Jump into this pixelated challenge and start digging through your nearest chest to find all the clues to escape!

TTAH - Escape Rooms - Image 1

Hogwarts Escape Room

If you're more of a Harry Potter fan then don't hesitate to jump into this room! Check out this intro that will kick off your adventure...

"It is your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you could not be more excited. You were just sorted into your dream house and you had dinner with your new classmates. It is time to head back to the common room and get to know your roommates. As you head into the cozy room, the house prefect announces that you have a fun team building activity to complete before you get too settled into your new digs. The house prefect tells you about a new muggle trend where they lock themselves in rooms and have to answer puzzles to get out - no magic at all!

Next thing you know, the room is completely dark and you hear a door slam."

TTAH - Escape Rooms - Image 2

Jumanji Escape Room

Here's another fun experience for the movie buffs out there: the Jumanji Escape Room. Here's a bit of flavor text from the beginning of your adventure...

"You are stuck in the video game, Jumanji and need to escape, and the only way out is to get the magic gem at the jaguar statue, but there are many obstacles! You must solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to unlock each level. Be careful! Wrong answers will not allow you to move forward. Defeat all 6 levels to get the gem to the statue and escape the game.

Hint: You may need a pen and paper to solve some of the levels!"

TTAH - Escape Rooms - Image 3

Spy Escape Room

If you grew up dreaming about becoming a secret spy, then here's the perfect Escape Room for you! Enjoy a virtual trip around the world and solve international mysteries as a spy apprentice. This particular Escape Room is rated as a difficult one, so be prepared for a challenge!

TTAH - Escape Rooms - Image 4

Disney Escape Room

Hey, did you know that you can take a trip to Disney World even if it's closed? Virtually of course - but that's not even the hard part. Escaping is the real challenge!

Note: Click “Present” at the top of the page to begin the challenge.

Don’t cheat by flipping through the slides!

TTAH - Escape Rooms - Image 5

Get your friends and family involved and try this at home!

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