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Dicey Art

A weekly dice based art challenge

Dicey Art: A Roll & Draw Challenge

Welcome to the UYC’s weekly roll & draw art challenge – Dicey Art! 

Are you in need of some inspiration for your next art project? Grab some dice and let luck decide what your next art subject will be! Every week we’ll be posting a new Dicey Art table so you can explore some wacky combinations as you create your next masterpiece. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’re bound to have some fun creating these wacky drawings!

Check out our Dicey Art table below and start creating something awesome!

How To Participate!

Roll The Dice!

Roll a 20 sided die and a 10 sided die, then check each roll result on the Dicey Art Roll & Draw table. Write out your result so you don't forget! For example, if you roll a 5, 1 & 5 on our Campfire Stories table, your challenge is to draw a person (5) being chased by a monster (1) at a campsite (5)!

If you don't have any dice at home, you can use Googles Dice Roller (ex. click the "10" to use 10 sided dice).

Draw Your Masterpiece!

Choose your medium (pencil, crayons, paint, cut-outs, or something else) and start drawing to complete the challenge!

Submit Your Work Of Art!

If you want your work featured on this page, submit it to info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com! Tell us if you want your name on it or if you want to keep it anonymous. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Try More Next Week!

We'll post a new Dicey Art table every Tuesday, so come back next week for more ideas!

Dicey Art – Space Edition

This weeks Dicey Art Roll & Draw Challenge is all about space! Get inspired by our Dicey Art table and bring your favorite space movies and books to life. Roll on our Dicey Art table to see what you’ll be drawing next!

Optional Challenge Variant: For an extra challenge, try completing the challenge without using a pen/pencil or paint. Maybe you could create your masterpiece with felt or paper cut outs, string silhouettes, on the computer with MS Paint, or something entirely unique!

Want More?

Check out the Dicey Art tables from the past!

Have Fun Word Suggestions?

Do you have some fun words in mind for our next challenge? Let us know in the form below!

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