Uxbridge Youth Centre

Challenge Accepted!

Are you ready for a challenge?

End Of Summer Scavenger Hunt!

To end the summer, we have a bonus Challenge Accepted! Using the riddles below, go to the locations they take you to in town and snap a picture! You can do a silly picture, a picture from a different angle, or even a selfie!

* You will not be required to enter any stores in town for this scavenger hunt. *


Click Here for a printer-friendly version of our Challenge Accepted scavenger hunt list!

Challenge Accepted Scavenger Hunt Clues:

  • Clue 1

    Sometimes if you’re feeling blue, You’re in need of something new. A book to read, A bite to eat, Get yourself a treat!

  • Clue 2

    This building tells its stories, Filled with popcorn and adventure. Find this spot in all its glory And you are one step closer to your treasure.

  • Clue 3

    Down the hill this location lays, A drop off to the left. Borrowed books and reading nooks Will keep you up for days.

  • Clue 4

    Under water flows, Above trees protect. Walk down the path and you will find The bridge is nicely kept.

  • Clue 5

    As the end of August nears, These buildings sit and wait. The start of a new year is here On Planks Street and Third Ave.

  • Clue 6

    On a hot summer’s day, To keep the sweat at bay, You go here to cool down At the only pool in town.

  • Clue 7

    A place to go after school, To play a game or make a snack. Located close to the Uxpool, We’re excited to have you back!