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DIY Daze is a free weekly crafting workshop for youth! Every Thursday afternoon we’ll pick a new craft and teach you all the steps for creating your own masterpiece. Youth of all skill levels are welcome to come out and get creative. Art is an excellent stress reliever, plus it’s super fun! Unwind after school with us and you’ll be surprised at what you will come up with.


Check Out The Project!

Look under the "This Weeks Project" heading to find our newest DIY Daze project! Every DIY Daze activity is an arts and crafts project that you can try at home!

Follow The Steps!

We'll be breaking down each project into a few simple steps so you can follow along at home. If you have any questions about one of our projects, feel free to email us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com!

Make A Masterpiece!

The hardest part of any project is getting started - so get going!

If you're especially proud of your arts & crafts project, take a picture and send it in to us!

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Click on the DIY Daze link below to load this weeks arts & crafts project!

Join us for DIY Daze Online and learn how to make your own Halloween themed Finger Puppets!

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Check out the DIY Daze projects from previous weeks!

Have A Fun Suggestion?

Do you have some fun crafts in mind for our next DIY project? Let us know in the form below!

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