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Calling all gamers! Join us every other week for an exciting new online program: the Minecraft Monday Build Challenge!

Put your creativity to the test during our biweekly build challenge and earn a place in our Minecraft Hall of Fame! Every other Monday afternoon we will post a new Minecraft Build Challenge for our participants to complete. You will have two weeks to craft your tools, mine for resources, and build your dream project brick-by-brick. As long as your project includes all of the features required by that week’s challenge, it will be entered into our biweekly Minecraft contest. All of the submissions will be voted on by the other players and the submission with the most votes will be entered into our Minecraft Hall of Fame!

Welcome to the Redstone Challenge! For this weeks Minecraft Monday Build Challenge, we put together a series of redstone challenges that range from easy to hard. See how many of these redstone contraptions you can finish over the next two weeks!

Send in screenshots of your work to join the voting! The submission with the most votes will be entered into our Minecraft Hall of Fame!


Complete the Restone Challenges!

See how many of the following redstone chllanges you can finish...

Hidden Staircase!

Difficulty: Extra easy

Make a staircase that is hidden behind blocks by using redstone!


A Car!

Difficulty: Easy

Make yourself a redstone car that actually moves!

Chicken Farm!

Difficulty: Medium

Make yourself a chicken farm that auto-cooks your dinner!



Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Build a redstone powered elevator. Water elevators don't count!


Minecart Storage!

Difficulty: Hard

Make a storage system that uses redstone to auto-deposit!



Difficulty: Very Hard

Make yourself a calculator that can run simple equations!

Have Fun!

You have two weeks to make something awesome. Get inspired by your favorite books, shows, movies or games and have fun with it!

Torch (PNG)

That’s it! If you finished some of the Redstone Challenges, send us a screenshot of your work on (or before) Sunday to join the Challenge 23 voting!

Pixel Art Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com with any questions about our Minecraft Monday Build Challenge!