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Minecraft Monday

a biweekly minecraft build challenge

Calling all gamers! Join us every other week for an exciting new online program: the Minecraft Monday Build Challenge!

Put your creativity to the test during our biweekly build challenge and earn a place in our Minecraft Hall of Fame! Every other Monday afternoon we will post a new Minecraft Build Challenge for our participants to complete. You will have two weeks to craft your tools, mine for resources, and build your dream project brick-by-brick. As long as your project includes all of the features required by that weeks challenge, it will be entered into our biweekly Minecraft contest. All of the submissions will be voted on by the other players and the submission with the most votes will be entered into our Minecraft Hall of Fame!

Make sure you read through the FAQ and complete the registration form at the bottom of this page in order to participate in our free biweekly build challenges!

Minecraft Monday Build Challenge #10 is all about space! Your challenge this week is to build something that looks like it crash landed from outer space! You can build anything from a spaceship that crash landed to a secret alien settlement – the choice is yours! Get creative and build anything that looks like it fell from the stars!

As long as your project includes everything below, it will be entered into our biweekly Minecraft contest. All of the submissions will be voted on by the other players and the submission with the most votes will be entered into our Minecraft Hall of Fame!

Build Something From Outer Space!

For Challenge 10 of Minecraft Monday, build anything that looks like it just came from outer space!

Have Fun!

You have two weeks to make something awesome. Get inspired by your favorite books, shows, movies or games and have fun with it!

That’s it! If you made a camp site, send us a screenshot of your work on (or before) Sunday to join the Challenge 10 voting!

  • Starter Base Challenge
  • Cavern Workshop Challenge
  • Pirates Challenge
  • Wizard Tower Challenge
  • Pixel Art Challenge
  • Nether Base
  • Terraform Challenge
  • Camp Site

Challenge: Build A Starter Base.

Conditions: Base contains a crafting table, bed, double chest, and a furnace.

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Challenge: Build A Cavern Workshop

Conditions: Workshop contains a lantern, a blast furnace, a flower, and a carpet!

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Challenge: Build A Pirate Ship or Pirate Cove

Conditions: Pirate Ship/Cove must contain a chest with a gold bar inside, one banner, a row boat, and be built with at least 2 different types of wood.

View More Here

Challenge: Build A Wizard Tower

Conditions: Wizard Tower must be at least 25 blocks high, have at least one bookshelf, have at least one brewing stand, and be built with at least 2 different types of blocks.

View More Here

Challenge: Pixel Art Challenge!

Conditions:  Create Pixel Art In Creative Mode

Challenge: Build A Nether Base

 Build must contain one soul lantern, one target block, and one respawn anchor.

View More Here

Challenge: Build A Starter Base.

Conditions: Base contains a crafting table, bed, double chest, and a furnace.

View More Here

Challenge: Build A Starter Base.

Conditions: Base contains a crafting table, bed, double chest, and a furnace.

View More Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step 1: Look at the Challenge Requirements
  • Step 2: Join Our Minecraft Realm & Build Something Awesome (make sure you complete the build challenge requirements)
  • Step 3: Submit your screenshots to info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com
  • Step 4: Join our Hall of Fame (if you win the voting)!

The UYCs biweekly Minecraft Monday Build Challenge is an online program for our Minecraft fans (Bedrock & Java editions). Every other week we will create a set of objectives that our players will need to accomplish before the end of the two week period. These objectives will revolve around a specific “Build Challenge” that is chosen biweekly. Each Build Challenge will identify a specific structure type and list a few items that must be contained within that structure. If a player successfully completes the Build Challenge by constructing a building with all of the listed features, they are invited to submit a screenshot of their project to the UYC. The UYC will post all of the submissions they receive on this page with a voting option. Voting will remain open on this page during the two weeks following the submission deadline, and the project with the most votes will be added to the “Hall of Fame” under that challenge heading.

The Build Challenge will be different every other week and can include a variety of challenges, ranging from castles to pixel art. The Build Challenge type and list of features will always be listed on this page. The challenge will always be listed under a heading starting with “Challenge” (ex. Challenge One: Starter Base). A new Build Challenge will be announced every other Monday at 1pm and will conclude on the Sunday evening of the second week (11:59pm). Voting will take place throughout the following two weeks and the winner will be announced with the new challenge details. 

For example, the first Build Challenge is titled: Week One: Starter Base. This means that during the first week of our challenge, players will need to build a starter base in Minecraft. Their starter base will need to include all of the features listed under “Week One: Starter Base” in order to be submitted for our Hall of Fame. In week one, each player will complete the construction of one starter base containing a crafting table, a bed, a double chest, and a furnace. A project can contain more items/features than the ones listed in the challenge (ex. your starter base could be a tree house with 20 chests and an enchanting table, if you want), but as long as they have the listed features then their project will be considered complete.

Once a project is complete, submit your screenshots to the UYC (e-mail screenshots to info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com) and you will be considered for our Hall of Fame. Voting will take place for two weeks after the submission deadline (Sunday night) and the winner will be added to the Hall of Fame (Ex. Submissions for the first challenge will be voted on during the second challenge).


In order to make sure that everyone is having fun during our Build Challenges, we’re going to ask that you follow a few simple rules:

  1. Where to Play – Any projects that are submitted to the UYC need to be built on UYC servers. This is so we can make sure everyone is playing the same game mode and we can make sure your project contains all of the features listed in our weekly list. See “How Do I Participate” for more info!
  2. No Griefing – Do not destroy other players projects or steal resources from other players. We want everyone to have a fun experience during our build challenges, so if you are caught griefing other players then your access to the Minecraft Realm may be removed. 
  3. Be Respectful – Standard UYC rules apply on our Minecraft servers. See “Become A Member” for a list of our rules. Keep it age appropriate or you may be removed from the Realm.
  4. Conditions & Deadlines – Make sure you submit your project containing all of the listed features before the deadline (Sunday)

In order to participate in our weekly Minecraft Monday Build Challenge, you must complete the registration form below in order to be added to our Minecraft Realm server. Minecraft Realms are private servers and players must be added to the participant list in order to play on them. Once your registration form is submitted, we will add you to the Minecraft Realm list.

Java Players: Check the envelope icon in the Minecraft Realm menu for your invitation.

Bedrock Players: We will send you a link to connect to the Realm. Keep an eye on your email!

After you join our Realm, make sure you clearly mark out the area you need to build your project. We don’t want any other players building over top of you! We recommend travelling a little before settling down – you probably don’t want to be near the spawn area! Don’t forget to write down your base coordinates (press F3 in-game for Java players)!

After you have completed your build, take a few screenshots and submit them to us! Email your screenshots to info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com!

Note on Registrations: You only need to register for this program once! As long as you register once, you can participate in as many weekly challenges as you like. If you miss a week, that’s okay! You can skip a few weeks and come back when you’re ready. Just make sure you get your screenshots submitted in time when you do participate!

Start: A new Build Challenge is announced every other Monday at 1pm

End: Submissions are due every other Sunday before Midnight (11:59pm or earlier) [two weeks after the challenge announcement]

Voting: The following week (Ex. Challenge #1 will be voted on during Challenge #2)

A new Minecraft Monday Build Challenge will be announced every other Monday at 1pm! This announcement will include any conditions that each project must include in order to be considered for the contest at the end of the challenge period!

The deadline for completing your build and submitting your screenshot will be every other Sunday at any time before midnight (11:59pm or earlier), but we don’t recommend staying up that late!

All of the submissions will be posted here on Monday afternoon in order to begin the voting process. The winner of the vote will be announced with the next challenge!

Don’t forget to come back here to submit a vote!

When you’re done your project, please send us an email with the location of your project (Java: press F3 in-game for XYZ coordinates) and a screenshot of your project. In Bedrock, the coordinates can only be enabled by an admin, so please let us know if you need to view them! If you can’t figure out how to take a screenshot, we will attempt to take one for you. 

Please send your submissions to info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com

Screenshot Tips:

F1: Pressing F1 in-game will hide your HUD & Arms for a full screen screenshot

F5: If you’re into selfies, press F5 to put your character in your screenshot!

Screenshot Options:

  • In order to take screenshots in Minecraft, you just need to click the “F2” button on the top of your keyboard. You will then find the screenshot in the .minecraft\screenshots folder inside your AppData/Roaming folder (to find this folder, open your File Explorer [click the folder icon] and type the following into the white bar at the top: %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots
  • If the option above is too tricky, you can try clicking the “Print Screen” (Prt Sc) button while playing. You can then open a Paint program and paste your screenshot into the program (Edit>Paste or Ctrl+v)
  • Windows 10 users will have a built-in option using the WindowsKey+G and using the Game Capturing option.
  • If none of those options work, let us know where your project is and we’ll take a screenshot for you!

If you recently submitted a registration form, we will need to manually add you to our list of authorized players on our Minecraft Realm before you will be able to access the server. We will try to add you as quickly as possible. Please check the envelope icon in the “Minecraft Realm” menu of Minecraft in order to accept our invitation to play.

If you are already added to the sever, but can’t connect – the server may be at max capacity. Our server currently has a player limit. You may need to wait for a player to leave before you can connect. If this becomes a regular issue, we will look into how we can increase the player count. We apologize for the inconvenience!

If you submitted your registration but don’t have a Bedrock invite yet, please check your spam folder!

If the server doesn’t work for some other reason – sometimes Minecraft Realms are down for maintenance. Please check back later!

Register for Minecraft Monday!

The following form is our standard UYC membership registration form with additional questions that are required for our Minecraft program. In the event that you are not currently a UYC member, this information will be used to create your membership card when you visit during drop-in.

Minecraft Registration
Your real First & Last Name
Have you ever been to the Uxbridge Youth Centre? *
Your username in the game Minecraft
Which Minecraft version do you play? This will determine which server you connect to.
Youth or Parent Email
Home phone number or a parents cell phone number
Secondary phone number to contact for emergencies (home or cell)

We will try to send out an invite link/confirmation as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on your spam/junk folder in case our email gets caught by it!

Please contact us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com with any questions about our Minecraft Monday Build Challenge!