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Attention all storytellers!

Every other Tuesday we will provide you with inspiration for your next story idea. Simply roll the dice listed on our Pick-A-Prompt table and let the ideas flow. To switch things up, try writing poems, screenplays, or even journal entries!

You can write something just for yourself, to share with family, or send it to us to show the world!

How Does It Work?!

Roll The Dice!

Each challenge will require you to roll a certain number of dice and then match the result of your dice to the Pick-A-Prompt table below.

For example, if the table below has a column with 6 options then you would roll a D6 (six sided dice). If you don't have any dice at home, you can use Googles Dice Roller (ex. click the "10" to use 10 sided dice).

Write Your Masterpiece!

Use the prompts from our table to create a short story. You could even try creating a story in the form of a poem or a screenplay!

For example, if you roll a 5 and a 7 on our Pick A Prompt Week 1 Fantasy table, your challenge is to write a story about a cave (5) that's inhabited by a centaur (7)!

Try More Next Time!

We'll post a new Pick A Prompt table every other Tuesday, so come back next time for more ideas!

Pick A Prompt Stories!

Roll a D6 and continue one of our stories below!

If you want your work featured on this page, send it to us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com! Tell us if you want your name on it or if you want to keep it anonymous. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Optional Challenge Variant: For an extra challenge, try completing the challenge poems, screenplays, or even journal entries!

Want More?

Check out the Pick A Prompt tables from the past!

Have Fun Writing Suggestions?

Do you have some fun words in mind for our next challenge? Let us know in the form below!

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