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Are you ready for some fun in the sun? The Uxbridge Youth Centre will be running FREE outdoor and online events for you to enjoy all summer long. We’re going to be hosting lots of fun activities, such as colorful art projects, messy science experiments, coding workshops, outdoor movie nights, sports days, and much more! The UYC will be setting up under the pavilion at Herrema Fields (85 Herrema Blvd, Uxbridge) almost every weekday from 12-4:30pm (weather permitting). Throughout the summer we’ll also be hosting a few special events at other locations, such as our geocaching hike and a movie night under the stars. If you want to join us for these free events, make sure you sign up below!

On rainy days we won’t be outside, but we’ll still be running online programming for you to enjoy! Our online events will include game nights, art challenges, creative writing prompts, at-home science experiment guides, fun cooking tutorial videos, and much more. Keep an eye on our event pages to see where our online and offline programs will be taking place!


1. Check Out Our Events!

Check out all of our FREE Summer 2021 events below! Most of our events will be outdoors so we can soak up the summer sun (weather permitting). We'll be enjoying a bunch of socially distanced activities such as arts & crafts, sports days, coding workshops, movie nights, and more!

2. Sign Up!

Claim a spot at one (or more) of our events by filling out the registration form at the bottom of this page! We will have limited seating at our in-person events, so make sure you sign up early. We can only guarantee you a spot at our event and all the supplies you need if you register!

3. Join Us In The Summer!

After you sign up for an event, all you need to do is show up!

Make sure you check out our safety policies! All participants will require a 'passed' screening result and a mask to attend in-person events!

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Click on an event tile below for more info about the activity!

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If you are attending an in-person event, please make sure you read all of our safety policies (Click each title below to read more)

The Uxbridge Youth Centre is operating in compliance with the Ontario three-step reopening plan. To review these safety guidelines, please visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/reopening-ontario.  We are also following the guidelines set out by Durham Region for outdoor recreational amenities to ensure the safest possible experience for all. Please find below our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

The Uxbridge Youth Centre, in collaboration with the Township of Uxbridge, will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. Users of the Uxbridge Youth Centre facilities and/or amenities are reminded that the facilities and/or amenities are open for use at your own risk. An inherent risk of exposure to communicable diseases including COVID-19 exists in any public space where people are present. By visiting any Uxbridge Youth Centre facility and/or amenity you voluntarily assume all risks including any risk of injury, loss, damage, and possible exposure to a communicable disease including COVID-19. We remind you to follow the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines being recommended by various Canadian health authorities including the York Region Public Health Unit, Ontario Health and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Drop-In Policy:

Attendance and participation at our events is optional ("Drop-in" & "Drop-out"). Participants are allowed to leave the event at any time they wish. Participants are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to and from each event.


  • Upon arrival, UYC staff will complete the screening process with you and sign you in. If you have never been to a UYC event before, you will also be asked to fill out a short (free) membership form with your emergency info on it.
  • Staff, parents, and participants will be required to wear a facemask and remain a minimum of 2 meters apart during arrival and departure.
  • Participants and staff are required to self-screen prior to arrival at the event each day via the COVID-19 screening tool (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/screening/customer/). You will be required to provide proof of a passed screening (either digital or printed) at each event. This can be done by showing UYC staff upon arrival if the screening has passed.
  • Registered participants who do not pass the screening will not be permitted to attend the event.
  • If a screening is not or cannot be completed prior to arrival, UYC staff will administer a screening onsite.


  • The UYC's regular weekday programming will typically end at 4:30pm.
  • Participants are not required to stay on-site until 4:30pm - they are free to leave the event at any point. Participants are responsible for organizing their own transportation to and from the event.
  • Prior to departing, please notify staff so you can be signed out.
  • Staff, parents, and campers will be required to wear a facemask and remain a minimum of 2 meters apart during arrival and departure.

The Uxbridge Youth Centre has aligned our face covering policies with those of the Reopening Ontario regulations.

  • All participants are required to wear a well-fitted face covering while indoors and where a minimum of 2 meters cannot be maintained outdoors. 
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their preferred face covering from home. Extra disposable facemasks will be on site for participants who do not arrive with a face covering, or whose face covering becomes soiled throughout the day.
  • All staff are required to wear a surgical facemask throughout the day.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to wear a face covering while on site during drop-off and pick-up.

  • All current infection prevention and control practices will be adhered to as laid out in the Reopening Ontario Guidelines. We will have our COVID-19 procedures available on-site at all times.
  • All spaces, high touch surfaces and equipment will be sanitized before and after use.
  • Cleaning logs will be kept to track cleaning procedures for each facility.

  • Parents/guardians are required to screen participants before arrival to each event. Should the participant not pass the screening, they cannot attend event. Participants with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 should follow directives of the screening tool.
  • Any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our summer program will be reported to the local public health unit in order to support case management and contact tracing. If a participant begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 while attending camp, the symptomatic individual will immediately be separated from the others in a supervised isolation area until they can be picked up from the site.
  • A list of participants and staff members who were in contact with, or in the same cohort as the symptomatic individual, will be prepared and given to local health units if the individual tests positive. The local health unit will provide individual direction on testing and isolation of close contacts of a case.
  • If an outbreak is declared, the local public health unit will provide recommendations on isolation, and the potential need for a full or partial summer program dismissal based on the scope of the outbreak. The local health authorities will declare when the outbreak is over, and the Uxbridge Youth Centre will prepare and announce the next steps.

Summer 2021 - Banner - FAQ

Have a question? Check out our FAQ below. If you can’t find an answer, email us at info@uxbridgeyouthcentre.com or use the question form below!

If we are expecting a rainy day, we will be hosting online activities instead of in-person events. 


If we have scheduled an in-person event but it rains unexpectedly, please check our event page (by clicking on the event tile under "Upcoming Events") to check for updates or changes to the event.

A face mask and a 'passed' screening result are required to attend all in-person UYC events! You can complete a screening before you arrive by clicking here. You will need to show UYC staff your result when you arrive!


For outdoor events, make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Don't forget to bring a drink and some snacks if you need them!

If you're interested in attending one of our events, just fill out the "Sign Up Now" form below. If you want more information about each event before registering, just click on the event tile under "Upcoming Events" (above) to visit the event page for that specific program.

If this is your UYC event, you'll also need to fill out a quick (and free) membership form when you arrive!

The UYC's regular weekday programming will typically take place at Herrema Fields (85 Herrema Blvd, Uxbridge) from 12-4:30pm (with some exceptions for special events). 


However, you can confirm the time and location of each event by clicking on the event tile under the "Upcoming Events" banner!


If we are expecting a rainy day, we will be hosting online activities instead of in-person events. Please check the event page for updates!



The UYC will allow "drop-in" participants, but only if we have enough seating and supplies to accommodate you. If you're in the neighborhood during one of our events, feel free to ask UYC staff if you can join in. However, space and supplies will be limited. If you want to guarantee yourself a spot at our event, just fill out the registration form above!

Please note that "drop-in" participants will still need to read through our safety policies, complete a screening, and follow our rules while on-site.


Before participating in any in-person UYC events, you will need to complete a membership form (which is free!). The membership form will outline all of our on-site rules. If you want to complete your membership form before you arrive, you can find a digital version and downloadable (PDF) version by clicking here.



UYC events are specifically for youth ages 11 and up!

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Claim a spot at one of our events by filling out the form below! For all in-person events, a ‘passed’ screening result and face mask are required to attend!

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