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Take a break from all of the screens in your life and explore the tabletop every Tuesday afternoon at the UYC!

The UYC is stocked full of a wide variety of exciting board and tabletop games – we’re not just talking about the classics like Monopoly or Clue either! The UYC has a game to suit every interest, including word games, puzzles, hidden role games, social deduction games, dungeon crawlers, area control games, cooperative experiences, competitive card games, and much more!

Meet new people and enjoy some free snacks during an afternoon of tabletop gaming!


1. Check The Calendar!

Check out the 'Upcoming Game Nights!' section below to find out what we'll be playing each week!

We'll kick off every Tuesday with our 'Game of the Week', but we'll be playing lots of other games too!

2. Drop-In!

Drop into the UYC during our tabletop day and grab yourself a seat at the table!

Our drop-in and all of our programs are absolutely free to all youth ages 11+!

3. Have Fun!

All you need to do to have fun is show up!

You don't need to know how to play the game before you arrive. We'll teach you all the rules to make sure you know what you're doing!

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