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Are you ready to try something new?! Every Friday we’ll be posting some of our favorite activities that you can enjoy from home. There will be a huge variety of things for you to try, including new arts & crafts ideas, experiments, games, activities from around the web, and much more! Keep checking back and you’ll never run out of fun things to do. So if you’ve got some spare time on your hands then try this at home!

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Learn A Language

Did you know that you can easily learn another language by completing fun challenges at home? For this weeks Try This At Home activity, we’re going to be looking at how you can teach yourself a new language by using Duolingo!


If you're interested in learning a new language by completing free daily challenges, hop on over to the Duolingo website! Once you're over there, you can click the green "Get Started" button to start your challenges or you can create an account so your progress is saved!

Please note that this link will bring you to a third-party site/service

TTAH - LearnALanguage - Step 1

Pick A Language!

After clicking the "Get Started" button, you will get to pick which language you want to learn. There are so many languages to learn from - you can even learn Klingon from Star Trek!

TTAH - LearnALanguage - Step 2 v2

Pick Your Settings!

After picking your language, you'll need to answer a few quick questions like how often you want to practice, whether or not it's your first time learning this language, and where you're learning!

TTAH - LearnALanguage - Step 3

Track Your Progress!

On the main screen you'll be able to choose your path and check on your progress. For each challenge you complete, you'll earn some XP to level up your profile! Make sure you create an account if you want to save your progress 🙂

TTAH - LearnALanguage - Step 4

Get Started!

With your path selected, you can jump straight into the challenges! Depending on your experience, you'll be faced with challenges of varying difficulty. If you're ever unsure of what something means, you can usually hover your mouse over it to read a translation. Have fun and good luck!

TTAH - LearnALanguage - Step 5

Get your friends and family involved and try this at home!

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