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For this weeks Dicey Art project, we're going to be creating our own randomized Halloween scenes. Will you be drawing a Cyclops and Medusa carving a Jack O' Lantern? Maybe the Grim Reaper and Bigfoot as kids on Halloween? Let the dice decide!

It's that spooky time of the year again! We can't think of any better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with a horrifyingly fun build challenge. For this week's Minecraft Monday Build Challenge you will need to create your own Haunted Mansion. How will you design your Haunted Mansion? Will it be based on one of your favorite Halloween movies? How about a gloomy house full of secret doors and pumpkins? Maybe we'll even see some spooky ghosts and...Luigi? The choice is yours!

For this weeks Art-To-Go project, we're going to be carving pumpkins just in time for Halloween. All of the pumpkins are courtesy of Tindall Farm & Market!

Take a look at our favorite science experiments that have a Halloween twist and try this at home!

Try creating a few Monster Rocks for your next Halloween crafting project. You can create some spooky characters using paint, leaves, branches, and anything else you can find around the yard!

Whether you're a student who needs high school community service hours or you just want to help for fun, we've got a great volunteer opportunity for you! The Uxbridge Seniors Centre is looking for a tech savvy person to help set up their newsletter. Sign up for this opportunity!

Turn the Harry Potter film into a fun workout during your next Halloween movie marathon. Even though it may not be a strictly Halloween movie, it's got plenty of wizardry and witchcraft to get you into the Halloween spirit! If Harry Potter doesn't make the cut, then we've added a blank template for you to create your own Halloween movie workout!

Write a spooky tale with this weeks Halloween themed Pick A Prompt. Roll the dice to determine which of these introductions you'll use to start your next story. Will your characters be roaming through a haunted mansion? Perhaps the radio will warn them of frightening danger? Maybe they'll notice something unusual about their Jack O' Lantern? Let luck decide!

Art-To-Go is back! We're gearing up for the Halloween season with a Haunted Gingerbread House. Sign up to receive a free kit containing everything you need for this project!

For Code From Scratch this week, we're creating a Halloween themed game called Candy Catch!

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